Campod, Cambridge Fund for the Prevention of Disease, is a charity that raises money to directly support medical research in the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge. It was formed in 1983 and is supported through individual donations and legacies, grants from Charitable Trusts and income derived from fundraising activities. Campod offers the opportunity for individuals to directly support world-leading research into major diseases affecting the world-wide population.

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17th Annual Campod Golf Challenge - Ely City Golf Club, Tuesday 4th July 2017
The Team
Enjoy a great day’s golf at the fabulous Ely City Golf Club followed by a BBQ, charity raffle and prize giving. If you are a golfer, any age and ability, male or female, we want to hear from you!
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CAMPOD Downing Site Charity Parking, December 2016
During December each year South Cambridge Rotary Club takes over the Downing site car park to raise money for numerous charities. Volunteer stewards from the Department of Pathology helped South Cambridge Rotary Club on Saturday 3rd and Saturday 17th December 2016 to raise funds to benefit our charity CAMPOD (The Cambridge Fund for the Prevention of Disease) which raises money to support research in the Department of Pathology.
Thanks to the help of volunteers we raised £3,500 for Campod.

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Published in Nature - Building nano-machines in biological outer space

Scientists in the Department’s Microbiology Unit have solved a long-standing mystery confounding both biologists and physicists - how are long flagella ‘propellers’ built far outside the biological cell where there is no conventional energy source ?

In the journal Nature Dr Lewis Evans et al publish their Wellcome Trust-funded research, led by Dr Gillian Fraser and Professor Colin Hughes, which uncovers a simple and elegant ‘chain mechanism’ harnessing the entropic force generated by the unfolded subunits themselves. More

Evans LDB, Poulter S, Terentjev EM, Hughes C & Fraser GM (2013) A chain mechanism for flagellum growth. Nature DOI 10.1038/nature1268.


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